About Us


Doors and Drawers was opened by Jack Curie in 1993 doing seamless refacing of kitchen cabinets in wood
with a focus on doing quality work in a timely fashion which has resulted in over 1500 happy customers.


Doors and Drawers is owned by brothers Gene and Phil Richard.  Our team of installers and painters have 

been with the company for many years and continue to provide beautiful new kitchens for our clients.

Our Mission

We are sure that if you visit 5 websites you will discover 5 different and extremely well worded mission statements. We must not be that clever, because we actually stole our mission statement from another source. We know that if we follow the Golden Rule our customers will be pleased, our workers will be pleased, our suppliers will be pleased, and we will be pleased. Honesty and integrity are the most overused and under applied words in the English language. Our intention is to set an example that other kitchen people can’t even understand. We have been at this since 1993 and we know it works. Ask any of our customers.